Copper Fox Hunting 1 Band Horn with Brass Mouthpiece

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$45.40 USD $57.20 USD

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Fox Hunting Horn-Features

  • Made from Copper.
  • SIZE:- (Length 9'') (These sizes are Approximate)
  • Brass Mouth Piece.
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This 1 Band Hunting Horn is the perfect gear for fox hunting and is made from a combination of copper and brass. The robust body of the horn is made from copper, while the mouthpiece is crafted from brass, giving it a polished finish. The Hunting Horn produces a powerful sound that carries over long distances, making it ideal for use in fox hunting.

Fox Hunting Horn for sale: If you're looking for a high-quality horn that delivers a strong and clear sound, It is a great investment for any serious hunter.

NOTE: This horn is all handmade in copper material through a rolling and soldering process that's why there may be some dents & scratches on it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

When I got The Green Tanners, I expected a good horn but did not expect it to sound as good as it did. The sound is loud and has a very beautiful high-pitched tone that can be heard from far away. It is definitely worth the money and the quality of this product can't be matched by any other horn on the market right now!

Carlos Mateo

I have purchased 2 Copper Fox Hunting 1 Band Horn with Brass Mouthpiece and I was not disappointed. The sound quality is amazing, it looks beautiful and the mouthpiece makes for quick and easy blowing. It's a great value for the money and I will definitely be recommending them to my friends as well as buying from them in the future.


I was looking for a new hunting horn when I saw the one featured on the website for The Green Tanners. I have to say, it's everything I was hoping for! It has a nice sound, it just feels good in my hand, and the brass mouthpiece is a huge plus!

L. Meredith

I have purchased Copper Fox Hunting 1 Band Horn with Brass Mouthpiece. I love it. I'm able to hunt at night without disturbing any wildlife or neighbors. The sound is nice and loud, and can certainly scare away a raccoon or opossum from my garden when the need arises.

Dennis Huffman

The Green Tanners is a great company! I have purchased two different items from them and the quality is always fantastic. The hunting horn I purchased for myself has that classic Americana working man look. It feels very sturdy in my hand and sounds amazing. The staff of The Green Tanners was also very kind and helpful with my order when I had a few questions about the product. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase from this

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